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Comrade Dan Wants California Down Under, Bans Gas in New Homes

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has done it again. It certainly didn’t take long.

Coming from someone who likes to lockdown, casually threaten to go door-to-door, mandate jabs, withdraw from the Commonwealth Games (not that people care but it was stupid to even bid for it in the first place) and refuse to tell the media what he’s doing with/in China, it’s no surprise that he is going to ban gas stoves like the goodie libtard that he is.

From 1 January 2024, new homes and public buildings are supposed to be entirely electric. But commercial buildings will be exempt.

Well, that’s convenient, considering that residential gas consumption is about half of the total consumption. So this policy is about the environment, is it?

As someone who so keenly told the anti-LGBTQ+ camp to “get to Florida”, maybe it would be better for Victoria if this libtard get to California?

Comrade Dan Wants California Down Under, Bans Gas in New Homes

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