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Dan Andrews Still Trying to Get Things “Down to Zero”

Premier Daniel Andrews reminds Victorians that the money spent during the plandemic was “borrowed”.

“It was like a COVID credit card”, he reportedly said.

Well, thanks for that. Would you like to also give a lecture on how the debt-based economic system enslaves the population?

Oh wait, never mind.

He also reportedly said, “Unless we get the COVID credit card balance back down to zero, if something else confronts us, we won’t have capacity to do what we did last time.”

Actually, if one had to borrow, then one didn’t have the “capacity” to do much in the first place.

But anyway, maybe if you didn’t try to get COVID cases down to zero, you wouldn’t be propagating financial enslavement, you stupid git.

Dan Andrews Still Trying to Get Things “Down to Zero”

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