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At Opinyuns, we care about God, Country and Family. We believe in the traditional values that have held the world together and made certain countries great, including America.

We are a small group of individuals from around the world who, for many years, have noticed the world getting worse and worse in every sphere.

We debated whether to start this website—after all, who are we to complain? Rightly or wrongly, there are enough people out there expressing their opinions. Who are we to add to the noise? (And a lot of it is just noise.)


Then came President Trump and the discussions that his presence spurred, views we typically do not hear outside of certain circles. And then came the plandemic. That wasn’t a surprise but if we were surprised about anything, it was how much of the world and how quickly it submitted to the measures.


So, we decided to start this website in November 2020. Maybe we’re too late… but here we are.


Although one of the motivators was the plandemic, we at Opinyuns write about various topics and in various ways.

Please enjoy your stay! If you like our work, please share.

If you have questions or subjects you like to see covered, then please let us know using the contact form below. If we are able, then we’ll work on it.

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