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Opinyuns, everyone's got one.

We are full of opinyuns, but more than likely they probably aren't the same as yours. And that's okay!

We're humans. We disagree sometimes. That's how we figure things out and make things better. We think about something or we come up with an idea. We share it. Some people like it. Some people don't. We work on it until it is the best version it can be.

Here at Opinyuns, we talk about what's going on in this crazy world. What works or, more likely, what doesn't. We sometimes point out why we think it doesn't work and our suggestion for fixing it. We sometimes express ourselves directly and seriously, and at other times less so.

We are a troupe of unrepresented individuals from around the world just trying to find some sanity in an otherwise insane world, a world going mad at the hands of technology, instant media, growing narcissism, dehumanization and desensitization.

We believe there is a real and substantial battle of good and evil going on right now. And we must decide what side we are on. We believe we are on the side of good, and we try. Perhaps this is our small contribution. We hope we are right.

Join us! Subscribe to our mailing list. Follow us on social media. Agree. Disagree. Live. Enjoy!

If you have questions or subjects you like to see covered, then please let us know. We don't claim to be experts at everything, but if we are able, then we'll work on it.

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