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Biden: “Sad I can’t get an abortion anymore”

Biden: “Sad I can’t get an abortion anymore”

Washington DC – President Biden said that he would fight the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe vs Wade, to preserve abortion access in the country.

“It’s a… it’s a sad day, a really sad day,” said Biden. “I err… I err… remember when I got an abortion in 1916 at some place. I was lucky to survive… wouldn’t want anyone to go through that… sad I can’t get an abortion anymore.”

Fact-checkers confirmed that there is a record of the president having received abortion services in October 1916.

“I will keep fighting for the rights of American women… and umm… let me be clear: we now definitely know what a woman is… forget that transgender stuff… we know what a woman is and she needs abortion access,” said Biden.

The president indicated that he will appeal to every state to “make the right decision”. However, he will not make the appeal in person because he may fall off of his bike and he needs his daily six ice creams before taking his afternoon nap.


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