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White House: Really Careful about Ignoring Church Teachings

Washington D.C. – The Biden administration continues to support the transgender community after the Vatican’s latest condemnation of gender theory.

“I’m going to be really careful,” said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, “we’re going to be really careful about the distinction between doing what the church teaches and running America. And the best way to be careful is to ignore what the church teaches, especially when it comes to gender identity and abortion and all that stuff.”

When asked if that would cause friction between the Biden administration and the Vatican going forward, Jean-Pierre was positive.

“I doubt it’ll cause problems,” answered Jean-Pierre, “I mean, we all know Biden and Francis are both fake catholics and freemasonic clowns. Francis probably doesn’t even believe what he’s saying and Biden doesn’t know what he’s saying. I am sure the two will get along.”

In other affairs of the state, the White House also stated that one has to be careful about aiming ships at bridges as false flags because “it’s harder than it looks”.


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