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Man Sees Everyone As Asian Due to Rare Disorder

Los Angeles, CA – Jimmy never needed glasses and just got a clean report on his recent visit to the optometrist.

However, after lunch one day, he noticed everyone around him had black hair, brown eyes and yellow skin.

“I thought I was in China or Korea or something,” said Jimmy.

Unlike prosopometamorphopsia, a rare neurological condition in which sufferers see “demonic” faces, Jimmy has asiatismetamorphopsia, an even rarer condition in which one sees every person as an Asian no matter how white or black they really are.

Jimmy insists it has nothing to do with racism as he was having lunch with his Asian friends in Monrovia.

“Most people there were Asian,” said Jimmy, “but after finishing lunch and then leaving, I noticed that everyone was still Asian, even in Arcadia. It was scary.”

Neurologists and eye specialists have yet to determine the cause of asiatismetamorphopsia.

“For some, trauma is a possible cause,” said Dr Amy Hoggwash, “but Jimmy has no such history.”

There are other similar conditions such as aimaiametamorphopsia according to experts including Dr Hoggwash. It is a condition in which one cannot recognize flags and banners.

“I think most of the US Senate has that condition,” she said.

Man Sees Everyone As Asian Due to Rare Disorder

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