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Trump Held in Contempt for Eating Burgers in Court

New York City, NY – President Donald Trump was held in contempt of court on Tuesday. He was fined $9,000 for repeatedly scoffing down burgers whilst in court for his New York hush-money case.

Prosecutors had alleged that Trump ate 10 burgers in court but Judge Juan M. Merchan found only nine wrappers.

Merchan stated that Trump “is hereby warned that the Court will not tolerate continued pigging out inside the courtroom and that if necessary it will impose an incarceratory punishment.”

Trump merely frowned before taking a large fries out of a brown bag.

Later, outside the courtroom, Trump criticized the prosecutors. “All the charges are false,” he said. “And that $9,000, even under Bidenomics, I could buy over two thousand burgers with that.”

Trump Held in Contempt for Eating Burgers in Court

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