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Tatooine Bans Force-sensitive Podracers

Tatooine Bans Force-sensitive Podracers

Mos Eisley, Tatooine (GNS) – Tatooine is banning force-sensitive pilots in all their podraces. This includes those who identify as force-sensitive or are trans-force.

The new ruling comes as a result of the recent Boonta Eve Classic won by the human child-slave Anakin Skywalker, rumored to be highly force-sensitive.

“Although we respect the latest executive order regarding discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, we cannot tolerate force-sensitive podracers,” said Bib Fortuna on behalf of His Excellency Jabba the Hutt. “We’ve always allowed any species of any gender and orientation to participate and we don’t care which toilet they use—I mean, Tatooine doesn’t have many toilets anyway—but force-sensitive pilots… well, that’s just plain unfair.”

All past podrace results stand. The new rule will not be retroactively applied.

Meanwhile, Skywalker, despite his youth, is trying to be philosophical. “Sebulba choked, and I won—it’s not like I made him lose… But I think I understand why they made the new rule. Anyway, I’m focusing on becoming a Jedi. Maybe one day the galaxy will be more tolerant of force-sensitive people, and hopefully I can help make that happen.”


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