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Boy Awarded for “Attempting” Every Question on Test

San Francisco, CA – It is the policy of Wakeham Elementary School for each class to hand out a weekly award for academic achievements.

Boy Awarded for “Attempting” Every Question on Test

As summer approaches, Mrs Blake of fourth grade noted that Jake still hasn’t received one.

“I try to be more lenient at times,” said Blake, “but it’s hard to find a good enough reason to give one to Jake.”

Since the department insists that every student should get an award at least once during the academic year, Mrs Blake decided to hand one out for one of the end-of-year tests.

“Well, at least he attempted every question,” she said. “Not that I can mark it because his handwriting is so bad I can’t even read it. I think he spelled his name correctly though, so I’ll give him an award for that too.”

Meanwhile, fellow student Joe, an Asian immigrant who doesn’t know much English, was also awarded, partly for attempting every question on the test.

“Even though he only got 13%,” said Blake, “he has the best handwriting I have ever seen.”


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