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The Ominous Owl #2

Welcome to the second entry by the Ominous Owl. Congratulations to Edmonton for almost making the comeback, the US for facilitating the killing of dangerous beachgoers, and Hooters for closing a few branches. What a shame we can’t stare at owls and titties whilst ordering drinks.

The Ominous Owl

Will Russia retaliate for the missile that hit the beach? Are there any places I should avoid?

Avoid beaches in San Francisco or Venice or any other gay beaches for that matter.

I’m thinking of homeschooling my kids, but I worry they might turn out weird. What should I do?

First of all, if you’re human, it’s “children”, not “kids”. Kids are goats which, by the way, I am sure public schools will facilitate such transitions. But what do I know?—I’m an owl so homeschooling is default for us.

Isn’t the owl an occult symbol? Aren’t you ashamed of publishing a column and showing your face in public?

Anyone can twist anything. If that is reason to ban something, then by that logic one would ban everything. Only pharisaical retards try that.

I’ve been watching lots of K-Dramas and want to get into Chinese dramas. Are there any good ones?


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