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Galactic Supreme Court to Hear Palpatine Vaccine Mandate Challenge

Galactic Supreme Court to Hear Palpatine Vaccine Mandate Challenge

Galactic Senate, Coruscant (GNS) – The Galactic Supreme Court agreed on Wednesday to take up disputes over the Palpatine administration’s galaxy-wide vaccine mandate for large businesses and another vaccine mandate for republican workers that includes the Jedi Order.

The mandate for large businesses is already in effect across the Republic whilst the mandate for republican workers is blocked in over half the planets.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is confident that the Supreme Court will uphold the legal authority of the mandates. “The vaccine is safe and effective, and the mandates are necessary to stop the spread,” he said. “I will make it legal.”

Two months ago, the chancellor announced the mandates that include the Republic military which is mostly comprised of clone troopers. Anti-vaxxer and anti-war groups criticized the mandates as unnecessary and unconstitutional.

“Just because they’re clones doesn’t mean they don’t have rights,” said Senator Bail Organa. “The whole war is unnecessary, and it’s the clones who are spreading the virus when they are deployed all over the galaxy. If we don’t have war, then there won’t be a pandemic.”

It has been circulated that vaccinated clone troopers are spreading the virus due to flaws in the vaccine. However, these views have been debunked by the Republic Medical Academy.

The Jedi Order is separately arguing for religious exemption, having natural Jedi immunity and that the order is not an entity of the Galactic Republic. The Palpatine administration maintains that the Jedi are under the Republic since they have been commissioned as officers at the start of the Clone Wars.

Meanwhile, there are unverified claims that clone troopers have been hunting down and assassinating Jedi who are unvaccinated.

“One minute we were cutting up droids, and the next we had to run for our lives,” said a padawan speaking on the condition of anonymity.

However, the chancellor denied such claims as a conspiracy theory: “I hardly call medics reminding their Jedi commanders to vaccinate as ‘hunting down’. And besides, the vaccine works whilst the Force is a pathway to an immunity that some consider to be unnatural.”


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