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Historic Moment on Death Star as First COVID Vaccine Given

Historic Moment on Death Star as First COVID Vaccine Given

Death Star (GNS) – Princess Leia on Monday became the first person to receive the Empire’s new COVID vaccine.

The vaccination was given during a diplomatic meeting held on the Death Star with Lord Vader looking on.

Earlier, Lord Vader had inspected a Sentinel-class shuttle deliver the first four million doses. The Death Star is the first in the Empire to receive the vaccines. Recipients require two doses so a second shot is needed.

The Imperial Medical Academy has warned that the vaccine may cause some side effects, but Lord Vader observed that they were mild on Princess Leia. “Her resistance is considerable. When asked about the location of the Rebel base so we can deliver the vaccines, she merely stuttered. But the side effects were brief. She nevertheless completed a tour of the facility.”

Grand Moff Tarkin then ordered the delivery of the vaccines to the planet Alderaan instead. When they arrived, however, Alderaan was gone. “If only we had got there earlier, this tragedy could have been avoided. The deadly virus had already blown up the entire planet. We urge all to get the vaccine before it is too late.”

Unfortunately, due to scheduling, Princess Leia had to leave the Death Star and may not be able to receive the second dose. “I am confident we can schedule another meeting,” said Lord Vader.


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