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FBI Raids Palpatine Residence

FBI Raids Palpatine Residence

Galactic Senate, Coruscant (GNS) – The FBI raided the home and office of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine on Monday night.

The Department of Republic Justice issued the warrant for the search. According to sources inside the department, Palpatine has allegedly stolen documents from the Jedi council archives as well as the entire Senate itself.

“I am the Senate,” Palpatine reportedly said, who was present in his office during the raid. “These are dark times for the Republic, my beautiful home and office under siege… I’m weak, and they tried to assassinate me.”

There were at least 30 armed FBI agents but it is unconfirmed whether four Jedi also took part in the raid.

Several eyewitnesses claimed that only one Jedi walked out of Palpatine’s residence and there are unconfirmed reports of injuries. Another eyewitness, however, claimed that Palpatine “simply tossed them out of the building”.

“I love democracy,” said Palpatine. “And as for the justice department’s actions… it’s treason then.”

The Jedi has not responded to requests for comment.


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