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WHO Approves Drain Cleaner Injections

WHO Approves Drain Cleaner Injections

Geneva, Switzerland – Today, WHO listed drain cleaners for psychiatric healthcare and emergency use, authorizing the rollout along with other COVID-19 vaccines.

Given that to date some countries have little or no vaccine access, WHO has finally assessed alternatives following the strict QA assessment matrix of safety, efficacy, logistical models and risk management plans.

A dozen drain cleaners have just been approved for their availability, consistency and, of course, safety and efficacy. WHO recognizes that there will be some “drain cleaner hesitancy” but tests have shown that they are in fact effective against most viruses and bacteria, not merely COVID-19, especially if its color is blue.

Admittedly, the discovery of the effectiveness of drain cleaner was accidental when an adult female patient at a psychiatric facility in the US injected a staff member with drain cleaner.

Nevertheless, WHO’s approval process is exhaustive and recommends its use in psychiatric healthcare settings on both patients and staff. It is also recommended that the patients are offered the opportunity to administer the injection to staff members. This may seem crazy but crazy is normal in a setting with crazy people.


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