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Documentary: The Real Anthony Fauci – The Movie

Documentary: The Real Anthony Fauci – The Movie

Update (25 October 2022): It turns out there is Part II to this documentary. Part I is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes long and below is its original review. The points covered in Part I are mostly from the first seven chapters of the book.

Part II is approximately 1 hours 10 minutes long and continues with the history of Fauci working with pharmaceutical companies, the government and WHO, amongst other entities, using phony epidemics to develop patented drugs and vaccines as well as implementing (legislative) measures for control. Many of the points covered in Part II are from chapters 11 and 12, but there is some updated information since the book’s printing in October 2021.

This documentary is based on the book The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK Jnr. Jeff Hays and RFK Jnr are both executive producers, with Kala Mandrake as writer and director.

Obviously, not all the material covered in the book is included in this film. At a runtime of approximately 1 hour 50 minutes, it is a simpler, condensed presentation for those who cannot or prefer not to read the book. Many of the major points are covered, albeit in a concise form.

As in the book, the film uses the latest so-called pandemic as a starting point before reviewing how Fauci has a history of pushing false narratives—including exaggerating health threats as well as suppressing cheap and effective drugs—in order to obtain funding to develop patented drugs and build his empire. The film focuses on the HIV/AIDS issue.

In short, the tactics used for the HIV/AIDS scare are used for COVID-19.

The film features RFK Jnr, who does not do much of the narrating, but rather let the experts tell the story. It features, amongst others, Peter McCullough, Harvey Risch, Robert Malone, Joe Mercola, Naomi Wolf, Mark Crispin Miller, Vera Sharav, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Tess Lawrie and Celia Farber.

Below are most of the points covered in the film:

  • Event 201 was a tabletop simulation exercise that ran just a few months before the outbreak of the coronavirus that was later dubbed COVID-19. The parties involved included WHO, WEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the CIA.

  • The exercise narrative was similar to the COVID-19 pandemic in many respects such as censorship and the control of information and masking.

  • Regarding COVID-19, Fauci enters the scene and begins his fearmongering via mainstream media, pushing for lockdowns.

  • Masks do not work because even the N95 was designed for dust particles which are thousands of times larger than viruses and may actually increase the risk of infection.

  • Fauci himself initially said that masks generally do not work but then flipped.

  • Lockdowns killed off social interaction and “human culture”. Revenue of corporations such as Amazon and Google conveniently went up during those times.

  • Pierre Kory noticed a serious amount of blood-clotting in patients and thought it was undertreated.

  • Very early, doctors from India and doctors such as Peter McCullough found that HCQ, Zinc, Vitamin D, amongst others, are effective.

  • Fauci pushed for the use of Remdesivir as he did with AZT for AIDS with no regard for toxicity. Both drugs are deadly.

  • US Government agencies did not look into repurposing existing drugs but rather focused on novel treatments such as vaccines.

  • Meanwhile, existing drugs that are cheap and safe such as HCQ and Ivermectin were demonized. According to Pierre Kory and Tess Lawrie, Andrew Hill initially seemed “taken” by the effectiveness of Ivermectin but then published a review that was ambiguous and in effect discredited the drug. Clearly, Hill was influenced by bigger players.

  • Existing drugs were/are suppressed because Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the new vaccines is only valid if no other drugs are available.

  • PCR test merely amplifies the sample. PCR inventor Kary Mullis was always against the use of PCR as a test to diagnose infectious diseases.

  • Robert Malone claims that in the first week of January 2020, former DARPA officer Michael Callahan, an expert of biowarfare, warned him about the coronavirus.

  • Fauci’s emails indicate that he knew of the non-natural origins of the virus and tried to cover it up. Fauci and his colleagues used burner phones.

  • The Chinese military removed virus samples from their lab by September [2019]. George Gao, a virologist and immunologist, was the director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the time.

  • The mainstream narrative pushed the view that the so-called mRNA vaccines do not modify DNA. Social media suppressed all alternative views even though a leaked video shows Zuckerberg himself doubting that claim.

  • A death wave of the elderly was observed after the initial vaccination rollout.

  • There are more official injuries and deaths related to COVID shots than all vaccines in the past 30 years combined according to VAERS, which is already under-reported. Some claim merely 1% to 10% of adverse events are reported.

  • Robert Malone invented mRNA technology but used something similar to natural RNA. The so-called vaccines, however, do not use this form.

  • Vaccines can make an infection worse, a possibility that Fauci admitted to in the past.

  • In 1984, Fauci became the head of NIAID. Around that time, the cause of AIDS was announced to be HIV. By then, many infectious diseases had been effectively dealt with. Obviously, a threat was required to justify more funding for Fauci.

  • Fauci worked in partnership with big pharma to make patented products whilst demonizing and suppressing existing drugs.

  • AIDS was said to cause death within 6 months to 1 year, but was then extended 3 years and eventually 10 years when people did not die as predicted.

  • PCR test was used to test HIV.

  • Luc Montagnier at the time thought HIV could not solely cause AIDS but also required co-factors. Fauci, however, pushed the narrative that HIV is the sole cause of AIDS.

  • There are AIDS cases that were HIV-negative.

  • AZT, a highly toxic drug, was developed and promoted as a treatment for HIV/AIDS. Meanwhile, other treatments were discredited.

  • “Studies” or, more realistically, experiments were conducted on children in foster care. Many died. Merck, Glaxo and Pfizer, amongst others, were involved in those projects.

  • Ultimately, the AIDS narrative was about building the empire.

  • Gates’s philanthropy is a strategic screen for his investments.

  • Rockefeller used similar tactics in early-20th century by sponsoring medical schools and changing their approach to be more pharma-based.

The film is available to stream for free until 28 October 2022 at


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