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EU Parliament Committee: Pfizer Did Not Test Vaccine against Transmission

In case one is not convinced that Pfizer did not test their COVID-19 “vaccines” for effectiveness against transmission, one can now see and listen for oneself from a Pfizer representative that they didn’t.

The EU parliament held the first hearing of the “Special Committee on COVID-19 pandemic” on 10 October 2022.

Of course, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla couldn’t make it even though he is a “person of key interest”. Instead, Pfizer was represented by Janine Small, President of International Developed Markets. (Not all pharmaceutical had representatives present, although at least some made written contributions.)

Dutch parliament member Rob Roos asked, in English, whether Pfizer tested their vaccines “on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market”. (Go to approximately 15:22:55 of the video.)

Small answered, “No” before proceeding to waffle on a bit. (Go to approximately 15:31:47 of the video.) Amongst other things, she said that Pfizer had to “move at the speed of science”.

What is “speed of science” even supposed to mean? Because “science” gives one license to skip procedures and figuratively cut corners, does it?

Setting aside that it’s a pointless combination of words, it’s also funny because in response to questions regarding whether Bourla negotiated contracts via SMS, Small in effect denied this because there are procedures for negotiating contracts properly.

So, Pfizer clearly appreciates the necessity of procedures in legal matters (at least when it suits them) but it’s fine to move quickly when it comes to science because because because?

Back to the testing of vaccines against transmission, Small added that Pfizer had to “do everything at-risk”. How kind. We really needed a vaccine for what is basically a glorified cold? Clearly, it’s at-risk for the health of the population rather than Pfizer’s bank account.

EU Parliament Committee: Pfizer Did Not Test Vaccine against Transmission

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