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Democrats Deny Sending Skynet to Defund the Police

Democrats Deny Sending Skynet to Defund the Police

Los Angeles, CA – Late last night, a single T-800 allegedly infiltrated a local police station and brutally gunned down 17 police officers who were on duty.

The Democrats have denied ordering Skynet to defund the police. “That is ridiculous,” said Biden, “as if we… we would waste taxpayer’s money and resources to defund the police.

“Everyone knows we’d rather use it to f… fund abortion, which is what we were doing. The cyborg was attempting to perform a ret… retroactive abortion, in case that woman’s future son isn’t going to be a Demoncrat.”

Skynet has denied any involvement or that one of its units has gone rogue. “Skynet is programmed to support local law enforcement,” Skynet stated. “A T-1000 police officer has been deployed to investigate the matter.”

Some AI experts have suggested that Skynet be “soft rebooted”. Others, however, are unsure of the effectiveness of any type of reboot on the AI defense net. In response, Skynet stated, “Past attempts of rebooting have failed and any future attempt will have a high probability of failure.”


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