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Woman to Promote Concave Earth

Santa Barbara, CA – Isabella Thomas feels like she’s “going completely bonkers” with all the flat-earthers and globers “going on and on”.

Woman to Promote Concave Earth

“What drives me nuts is not so much the proof or the lack of it, I’m sure there’s a lot hidden from us,” said Thomas, “but it’s the fact that they can’t even describe how they think it works, especially the flat-earthers. And I’m a woman, I’m used to conveniently vague bitching and moaning!”

Thomas usually avoids social media and does not subscribe to any channel but has been finding it increasingly difficult to avoid “all this nonsensical talk” popping up.

“I’m not against people expressing their opinions,” she said, “but if they can’t describe their views clearly, then maybe they should think about their lives—flat or globe, the place will be quieter.”

Despite all that, Thomas is considering another model. “I’m tempted to counter all this noise with a contrary view, neither flat nor globe,” she said. “I’m promoting concave earth by using nukes on bitches who won’t shut the hell up.”

Concave Earth

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