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Cabal Makes It Clear They’re Psychopaths (Again)

Given the recent news of the shelling of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the so-called cabal (or just “they”) are continuing to show its true colors. You know, in case it wasn’t clear enough already.

Firstly, lamestream media reports that Ukraine and Russia are blaming each other. That in itself is expected. But, secondly, there is also the accusation that Russia is hitting the plant as a false flag or the attempt thereof. Right.

Given the history of the past 100+ years, skepticism of Russia is understandable but this is simply nonsensical. The Russian military secured the plant to presumably prevent any damage that will spread radiation to the surrounding areas, including Russia.

Also, why the need for a false flag? “We’ll hit the plant we’ve secured so we can keep on bombing the crap out of you which we’re already doing a decent job at.” Right.

But not to worry, British MP Tobias Ellwood and US Congressman Adam Kinzinger have cleared things up for us: “ANY deliberate damage causing potential radiation leak to a Ukrainian nuclear reactor would be a breach of NATO’s Article 5.”

British MP Tobias Ellwood Twitter

Yes, the old “accuse the other side of the thing you’re planning”. This is hardly surprising when NYC released a video about how to survive a nuclear attack on July 13. At about the same time, the US updated its travel advisory regarding Ukraine.

Ukraine Travel Advisory

I’ve got a better idea about how to survive a nuclear attack: like guns, nuclear weapons don’t kill people, it’s the people who kill people, so maybe it would be nice if the so-called white hats can get on with incapacitating the psychopaths who unnecessarily push for war. Just saying.

In other news: Darya Dugin, the daughter of Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin who is an associate of President Vladimir Putin, has been killed by a car bomb. No prizes this was a hit. It would be interesting to see how Putin responds.


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