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The Illuminati and the Council of Foreign Relations by Myron C. Fagan

This is a recording by Myron C. Fagan after 1965 regarding the history of the Illuminati, its connections to the Rothchild bankers and their program for the so-called one-world government, a program that is executed by organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

The recording is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes long overall. Both the recording and the transcript are available on the internet. One such location is The recording sounds like it has five sections, and some transcripts are also divided into four to six sections. It should be noted the transcripts are typically not quite verbatim but are very close, and many include a brief biographical sketch of the speaker.

Myron C. Fagan
Myron C. Fagan

Although this is a speech and not a book, it is worthy of mention and out of convenience is listed under Book Reviews here at Opinyuns. Fagan is not the first person to outline this history but this is one of earlier contemporary works that succinctly present the conspiracy. And given its length, it may be a convenient introduction to the subject for those who can’t even be bothered reading a short book. The main limitation of this work is that after briefly covering some European history as an introduction, Fagan then mostly covers the US.

Below are merely a few key points, not intended to act as a summary.

  • The Rothchild bankers financed the French Revolution and both sides of the Napoleonic Wars. They intended to take advantage of the post-war devastation by setting up the League of Nations in order to usher in their one-world government. The Tsar saw through it and rejected the idea. The Rothchilds then swore vengeance on the Tsar and their descendants, which was indeed later executed.

  • Prior to the above, Adam Weishaupt, a Rothchild agent, set up the Illuminati and certain freemasonic lodges. The “Illuminati” is a satanic reference, specifically his original name Lucifer which means “holder of the light”. Their tactics to bring about their one-world government were/are: 1. monetary and sexual bribery and blackmail of key individuals, 2. recruitment and training of suitable individuals in education institutions, 3. use of specialists and experts in key positions to further the cause, and 4. control of the press.

  • In 1874, an Illuminati courier carrying Weishaupt’s plans for the French Revolution was struck by lightning. The Bavarian authorities found the documents and, after further raids, outlawed the Illuminati. Other European nations were warned but these warnings were ignored as the Illuminati’s influence was already powerful. The Illuminati subsequently infiltrated other freemasonic lodges. The name may have changed but not their overall aim.

  • “In 1834, the Italian revolutionary leader, Guiseppe Mazzini, was selected by the Illuminati to direct their revolutionary program throughout the world. He served in that capacity until he died in 1872, but some years before he died, Mazzini had enticed an American General named Albert Pike into the Illuminati.”

  • Between 1859 and 1871, Pike wrote the program for three world wars and various revolutions in order to bring about the one-world government. The assumption was/is that no people would willingly submit to this unless war drives them to desperately demand peace.

  • The Rothchilds sent Jacob Schiff to the US in order to take control of the US via the monetary system.

  • Schiff bought into the banking house Kuhn and Loeb. He also financed the Standard Oil Company for John D. Rockefeller, the railroads for Edward R. Harriman, and the steel industry for Andrew Carnegie.

  • In 1908, Schiff with his lieutenants Colonel Edward Mandell House, Bernard Baruch and Herbert Lehman, amongst others, formulated the Federal Reserve System. This was pushed through on 23 December 1913 when many of the members of Congress were already on holidays.

  • Also during 1913, Schiff set up the Anti-defamation League (ADL) “to serve as the gestapo and hatchet-man outfit for the entire great conspiracy”. Apart from wars, racial issues were used to foment tension and division so they can later take control.

  • The government may grant tax-free status to organizations. These are obviously organizations that serve the one-world government plot.

  • Ultimately, these bankers funded communism to create the conflict between East and West. The Russian regime was so weakly established that “Stalin and his whole gang were always packed and ready for instant flight”. US Presidents did not recognize the USSR until FDR did so in 1933. [The speaker erroneously said 1932.]

  • In addition to supporting communists, they also supported Nazi Germany.

  • The UN was deliberately set up and based in the US so that the US would not reject the idea after WWII.

  • CFR is in essence the continuation of the Illuminati. It was set up as a control group. Its first job was to take complete control of mass communications. As the name suggests, it influences government policy regarding just about everything via its puppets.

As mentioned above, although this is not a book, it is listed under Book Reviews for the sake of convenience. In the future, if similar works are reviewed or discussed (as a whole), then they will be listed under this category.


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