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Democrats Accuse President Lincoln of Russian Collusion

Washington DC – The Democrats led by the Biden-Harris administration are accusing another US President of collusion with the Russians.

“It is totally uncalled for that President Abraham… err… Abraham Lincoln colluded with Tsar Alexander II,” said Biden, “by allowing the… the Russian navy to blockade our ports in 1863. I know because I was there.”

When it was pointed out that the Russian efforts helped prevent the British from supplying the Confederacy, press secretary Jen Psaki answered, “We’ll have to circle back to that question.”

President Abraham Lincoln (Photo: Library of Congress)
President Abraham Lincoln (Photo: Library of Congress)

Despite the assassination of President Lincoln in 1865 with the complicity of the British and freemasons, the Democrats plan to impeach President Lincoln.

Several Republicans expressed outrage at the latest accusations against President Lincoln. “By that standard, we should impeach FDR for formally recognizing the Soviet Union in 1933, stabbing the Russian people and the free world in the back!”

“But… But President Theodore… I mean, Franklin Roosevelt is a Democrat,” said Biden, “and recognizing a big communist country is always the right thing to do.”


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