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Boy Stops Packing Up Lego, Claims It Is Gaza

San Francisco, CA – Mrs Tanaka was baffled that his son Shin, 10, no longer packs up his Lego.

“He is usually very disciplined,” said Mrs Tanaka. “Once he finishes building, his model is set aside and then he packs up the rest but, for the past few weeks, he’s just left everything lying around.”

Shin, however, claimed that most of his Lego lying on the floor was actually a build, his biggest yet.

“It’s a model of Gaza as it stands now,” said Shin, “or maybe I should say not stand after a few thousand-pounder bombs from Israel. You know, just a few. Per minute.”

Upon discovering Shin’s intent, Mrs Tanaka was not exactly impressed. “I’m all for him being interested in history and current affairs,” she said, “but he better clean it up soon.”

Shin plans to make a few alterations: “I might sweep some of it so one side of the room. It’s gonna be San Francisco the way things are going here.”


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