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Biden “feeling angry and concerned” at Rittenhouse Verdict

Washington DC – The White House has issued a statement that Biden is “feeling angry and concerned” at the Rittenhouse verdict but acknowledges “that the jury has spoken”.

According to a White House official speaking on the condition of anonymity, Biden added that he was “angry and concerned because a pedo got shot and we can’t have that in this country”.

The same official also said that Biden was somewhat resigned and was “glad that at least Rosenbaum died doing what he loved, chasing an underage boy who let him have his pipe.”

The official statement from Biden also reminded everyone that they should “express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law”. That is, of course, unless it’s against Donald Trump, then anything goes.

Meanwhile, certain activist groups are calling the not-guilty verdict of Rittenhouse “racist” because his AR-15 was black or something.


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