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White House: Biden’s Approval Ratings Still Higher than Vaccine Effectiveness

Washington DC – Biden’s approval ratings have dropped rapidly since taking office, the most recent poll putting him at 38% or 42%, depending on which organizing is running it.

The White House, however, has denied that it is of any significant concern.

“The president is not worried,” said May Upmann, an analyst for the Biden administration, “since he is pressing forward on running America and building back better… I mean, his numbers are still better than Pfizer vaccine’s effectiveness at 22% after 7 months.”

The above-quoted number is from a Qatari study but according to a Pfizer-funded study, vaccine effectiveness is at 47% after 5 months, higher than Biden’s approval rating. Upmann responded that “Pfizer’s own assessment can’t entirely be trusted”.

Nevertheless, the administration is insisting on vaccine mandates, that all COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective”, including those who may need the recommended six boosters.

Biden commented: “If people are worried about err… vaccine effectiveness… it’s safe and effective. It’s effective and safe for people… who are people who worry about safety and effective… then they can take the shots on a fake White House stage, it’s more safe and effective if taken on stage.”

Fake booster

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