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Study: Pfizer Jab Effectiveness against Infection Drops to 22.3% after 7 Months

A Qatari study by H. Chemaitelly et al titled “Waning of BNT162b2 Vaccine Protection against SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Qatar” was published on October 6.

According to this study, the effectiveness of the Pfizer jab against infection after the first dose is 36.8%. This peaks at 77.5% one month after the second dose. Whilst remaining at 73.2% two months after the second dose, it then drops rapidly to 17.3% after six months and 22.3% after seven months.

In regards to effectiveness against critical, severe or fatal cases, it peaks and holds at around 96% the first two months, dropping slightly to 88.9% after six months. However, it then drops rapidly to 55.6% after seven months with the 95% CI admittedly quite wide at (−44.3 to 86.3).

Figure 2A: Effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine against infection.
Figure 2A: Effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine against infection.

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