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Zelensky: “We don’t have much time”

Despite the typical lamestream media reports of Russia losing, that Ukraine must keep fighting blah blah blah, and a so-called peace summit without one of the belligerents, Ukrainian President Zelensky has reportedly admitted the reality of the situation:

“We don’t have much time. We have a lot of injured, killed, both military and civilians. So we do not want this war to last for years. Therefore, we have to prepare this plan and put it on the table at the second peace summit.”

And he couldn’t have said this just a few hundred thousand casualties ago?

But then again, everyone who cares to follow these things knows certain Western entities have been pushing him all along.

In other news, Putin intends to resume production of short- and intermediate-range nuclear-capable missiles.

Zelensky is right: he doesn’t have much time however one looks at it.


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