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Zelensky: Russia Might Conduct “Terrorist Attack” on Something It Already Controls

According to Ukrainian President Zelensky,Russia is considering a scenario of a terrorist attack on the Zaporizhzhia [Zaporozhye] nuclear power plant.”

Right, you mean like when Russia broke the Kakhovka dam to make things more difficult for themselves?

Sure, if the Russians did that once, they’re bound to do it again, right? I can just see President Putin saying to his generals, “Let’s blow up a nuclear power plant that we already control and then blame it on Ukraine while we also have to literally deal with the fallout.”

For an extra $6.2 billion, one would hope an actor to put up a better performance, even one who is tight on time. I get it: your NATO masters are next door running a massive air exercise, ready to accidentally-on-purpose do something and pressuring you to do the same.

But still, can you at least half make sense? You’re not exactly inspiring confidence here.


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