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Star Wars to Address the Environment

Los Angeles, CA – Disney has announced that some of the upcoming Star Wars series will also focus on environmentalism.

“At first, we addressed feminism with Rey,” said Kathleen Kennedy, President of LucasFilm, “who became a full-fledged Jedi without any real training even though she couldn’t even keep all her precious instant-bread powder in the dish. And we tried to emphasize her good image by making everyone else look more stupid than they need to be.”

But with “climate change” taking center stage in recent years, Kennedy thinks it is time for Star Wars to tackle the subject more explicitly. “If we’re going to be woke about one thing, may as well be woke about other things. It started off subtly with nature being part of the Force and all that, but I think we can be less vague about it now.”

When asked about specifics, she mentioned The Mandalorian, which is not surprising considering its critical success. “Jon [Favreau] knows what he’s doing way more than I do so I’ll leave it to him. But for starters, I think Mandalorians’ jetpacks can burn cleaner. There’s too much smoke. I am sure we can fit a story in there about them changing the fuel they use.”


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