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Republicans Just Glad They Got #420 in Biden Impeachment Filing

Republicans Just Glad They Got #420 in Biden Impeachment Filing

On 18 May 2023, some Republicans breathed a sigh of relief that they managed to actually file some impeachment thing against Sleepy Joe.

“We got the House back, so hopefully something can happen,” said a Republican staffer on the condition of anonymity. “But I think it’s great we’re filing them. It’s not the first one, and we’re aiming to file more against Biden than they have filed against President Trump.”

Another Republican staffer, however, indicated that is not all. “It’s more than that. We’re just happy that number 420 is in there; I mean, if Hunter is allowed snort coke and f— around and get away with it, then we’re allowed to smoke pot.”

President Trump indicated that he was “slightly disappointed that the latest impeachment is not about him”.

“I could have used a good laugh but I’ll just have to settle for twelve McDonald’s Happy Meals this time,” he said.


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