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Report on the Biden Laptop by Marco Polo

This report by the research group Marco Polo is, as the title states, basically about the crimes committed by Hunter Biden and/or accomplices that can be found on his laptop. This laptop was one of three laptops that he, whilst drunk, dropped off on 12 April 2019 at John Paul Mac Isaac’s The Mac Shop in Delaware. Eventually, he handed it over to the FBI but also made a copy.

Report on the Biden Laptop by Marco Polo

Hunter Biden’s various email addresses were on the laptop’s system and his iPhone also synced with it. Forensics analyses were conducted which concluded that the ~200GB of data was not forged.

The authors assert that they focus on activities that are outright illegal rather than content that merely suggests it. The report “would not have been necessary if law enforcement had done its job”, particularly the FBI.

The main text is about 570 pages, organized into seven parts, the last merely a conclusion. The endnotes, which is more like an appendix, is about 65 pages long.

Given the sheer amount of content, it is impossible to write a summary which is probably why the authors themselves have not included one. The table of contents (shown below) gives an idea of what is included.

Report on the Biden Laptop by Marco Polo TOC

Citations are shown as footnotes, which often occupy a significant portion of the page, half a page being not uncommon. Unlike many reports and articles, it is the authors’ intention that “exhibits drive the Report” so there are also many images; for example, screenshots of emails. In this respect, there is less text to read than one may anticipate from such a high page-count.

The main weakness of this report is that whilst the content and the writing itself are not bad by any standard, the layout can be better designed and some of the images of emails and documents be clearer which would make the report much easier to read or skim.

Nonetheless, this report is worth at least a skim. The timeline in part I is helpful for putting some events in perspective. As for the criminal activities, parts “II. Business-related Crimes”, “III. Sex-related Crimes”, “IV. Drug-related Crimes” and “V. Influence Peddling” form the bulk of the report.

In short, setting aside that Hunter is a pervert who obviously likes filming himself, there was plenty of money flowing to the Bidens via shell corporations. Key figures involved include those from Ukraine, China and Kazakhstan, amongst other places. From p.55:

This tightrope required scant knowledge in the nitty-gritty of business operations; after meticulously reviewing 128,000+ emails on the Biden Laptop, Marco Polo is confident in confirming that Hunter did almost nothing in the way of day-to-day business management. Instead, he served in puff positions as a figurehead for an array of vanilla organizations—such the Center for National Policy—all the way down to the gutter of American politics: lobbying on behalf of online gambling companies. One of Hunter’s few public speaking engagements was on 11/04/2015—he accepted an award on behalf of his deceased brother, Beau.

Below are merely a few examples to just give an idea of how the report reads. Regarding the Chinese fund BHR is shown below (p.91):

Report on the Biden Laptop by Marco Polo (p.91)

In summary, regarding China (p.135):

…the Bidens committed over two dozen federal felonies in connection with China. Hunter and his business partners (including his family members) committed egregious crimes, specifically money laundering, that have put many others—less connected saps—in prison for decades. Three of Hunter’s Chinese benefactors have either vanished or been deported. The family’s crimes span over a decade and, as we will note in the final section of the Report, the statute of limitations have not passed on many of them. … The Bidens’ business dealings with the CCP are still being probed by two Senators, albeit through milquetoast letters.

Below is one incident regarding Burisma (p.160):

The extremely persistent POZHARSKYI needed Hunter at a very “critical moment,” and Hunter apparently delivered on Burisma’s behalf: “Keep D[evon Archer] updated. I went as high as I could.” Hunter’s purposely vague message presumably alluded to the NATO Summit in Poland, which had just begun, an event critical to Burisma’s interests. As you can imagine, Burisma had its fingers in many Western-funded pies, including the aforementioned Metabiota, a “pandemic tracking” company which raised money from Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners. In fact, ZLOCHEVSKY took out insurance policies against his prosecution in other ways, from placing Cofer Black—a Romney advisor—on Burisma’s board to partnering with KOLOMOISKY’s lackeys in Cyprus.

Apparently, Joe Biden never declared his income from Hunter (p.205):

In an iMessage to his oldest daughter, Hunter confessed to how Joe—for three decades—did not report income he received from Hunter: “I Hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family Fro [sic] 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry[—]unlike Pop[,] I won’t make you give me half your salary.” Indeed, according to his own son, Joe insisted that Hunter cough up half of his earnings. Based upon the decades of tax returns that he released as a member of the U.S. Senate, and then as the V.P., Joe illegally received these hefty payments from his second son.

During a “crack cocaine and sex binge” on 1 January 2019, Hunter made the following confession regarding another laptop (p.310):

…one drunken night in Vegas during the preceding summer, a couple of men—who accompanied a beautiful Russian honeypot—stole one of his laptops: “According to the president’s son, after he regained consciousness, ‘there was this Russian 35-year-old, really nice, pure brunette,’ who distracted him. Meanwhile, the three men had taken his belongings: ‘The dealer and his two guys … They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy fucking sex, fucking, you know … My computer, I had taken tons of like, just left like that [web]cam on … and somebody stole it [either after Hunter passed out or while he was talking with the honeypot.]’” The female, for whom the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has issued an “Active Bench Warrant” for her arrest, then asked Hunter if he worried about the foreign thieves blackmailing him: “Yeah, in some way, yeah,” Hunter replied, explaining that his dad [Joe] would be “running for pResident [in 2020] … I talk about it [Joe running for pResident] all the time.”

Regarding Hunter’s daughter with Lunden Roberts (p.393):

As stated previously, Hunter’s sexual conquests had far-reaching consequences, which he tried to ignore for as long as he could. Hunter impregnated a former stripper named Lunden Roberts, an employee at his law firm. Lunden begged Hunter for financial assistance—and he ignored her. The child, Navy Joan Roberts, was born on 08/28/2018 but has never seen or spoken with Hunter or any member of the Biden family. An Arkansas native and college basketball standout who met Hunter while in graduate school at George Washington University, Lunden sued Hunter in an Arkansas county circuit court. After months of denial, Hunter finally admitted he was Navy’s father only after he took a court-ordered paternity test. Hunter still maintains that he “could not recall” the copulation.

As already mentioned, the above are merely a few examples and the report is worth a skim.


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