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OIG Review Reports Multiple Failures by FBI in Nassar Investigation

OIG Review Reports Multiple Failures by FBI in Nassar Investigation

Although this is merely one case, one that happens to be public and not small, it is indicative of a trend, a bigger problem; that is, this pedo crap, even when perpetrated by one who is seemingly a nobody, is covered up by the higher-ups.

The entire report is 119 pages long. If one is interested but does not have time, then the five-page executive summary and the three-page conclusion will suffice. Also highly recommended is the “Timeline of Key Events” in Chapter 2 (p.17–21) since a chronology may help put things in perspective.

In short, the FBI Indianapolis office’s handling of the investigation was either conveniently incompetent or there was a deliberate effort to cover it up, including the following:

  • Failure to conduct interviews with the victims in a timely manner.

  • Failure to follow-up with any investigative work, such as to review and appropriately act on the thumb drive of evidence provided by USA Gymnastics.

  • Failure to document the little investigative work that was done, including misrepresenting details.

  • Failure to notify local law enforcement agencies given the nature of the accusations.

  • FBI Special Agent in Charge W. Jay Abbott sought employment with the US Olympic Committee which was an obvious conflict of interest.

Just to give an idea of the failures, a mere few details are reproduced below.

Re the agents’ recollection of the interview with victim Gymnast 1 who was an adult at the time of the interview but a minor during the events of interest (p. 37):

During a September 3, 2020 OIG-compelled interview, the Indianapolis SSA stated that he and the Indianapolis co-interviewer tried “every angle” to get Gymnast 1 to make a disclosure of sexual misconduct. He stated that, “we even specifically asked, was there any other touch—did he touch anywhere besides, like did he touch your vagina? And she said no.” Asked whether Gymnast 1 told him that Nassar inserted his fingers into her vagina, the Indianapolis SSA responded, “No. She specifically said that he did not.”
The Indianapolis SSA stated that they asked her whether Nassar penetrated her anywhere other than her rectum, such as orally or vaginally, and whether Nassar had touched her breasts. The Indianapolis SSA told the OIG that Gymnast 1 responded by giggling and saying, “no, it was my butt,” and that she said the procedure wherein Nassar penetrated her rectum made her feel uncomfortable but alleviated her pain. Neither the Indianapolis SSA’s February 2017 FD-302 nor his notes from the interview indicated that Gymnast 1 denied vaginal penetration, denied that Nassar touched her breasts, or giggled.

Compare the above to Gymnast 1’s recollection of the interview below (p.39–40). It should be noted that USA Gymnastics used a private investigator to conduct their own internal investigation before first reporting it to the FBI.

Gymnast 1 stated that during the interview the Indianapolis SSA and the Indianapolis co-interviewer asked her to “tell them everything,” asked few questions, ended the interview by saying they would get back to her, and then never reached out to her again.
Gymnast 1 further stated that she told the Indianapolis SSA and the Indianapolis co-interviewer that Nassar had sexually assaulted her “hundreds of times” between approximately 2009 and July 2015. Gymnast 1 stated that during these incidents Nassar inserted his finger into her vagina, not her rectum.
The USA Gymnastics private investigator advised the OIG that Gymnast 1 told her about multiple incidents when Nassar penetrated her vagina with his fingers under the pretext of medical treatment. The USA Gymnastics private investigator also stated that Gymnast 1 did not state that Nassar placed his finger in her rectum.

As one can see, these FBI agents are unable to take notes properly even though they are generally meant to be an educated bunch. Whilst one could argue that the rectum and vagina are not physically far apart, one doesn’t need to appreciate that to write the correct notes.

Re the contents of the thumb drive provided to the FBI (p. 47):

The Indianapolis ASAC told the OIG that he recalled watching with the Indianapolis SSA a video of Nassar giving a presentation, but he could not recall whether the video was provided by USA Gymnastics or something he and the Indianapolis SSA found on the Internet. According to the INSD’s report of the Indianapolis ASAC’s interview, the Indianapolis ASAC described the video as “a one-minute instructional video of Nassar in a clinical setting discussing his pain therapy technique.” The Indianapolis ASAC told the INSD that the video he watched did not raise any concerns.
The OIG reviewed the contents of the thumb drive and determined that it contained several videos that showed Nassar placing his bare, ungloved hands on female athletes with partially exposed buttocks. The athletes’ genitalia and rectum were covered with what appeared to be a towel. Many of the videos showed Nassar placing his ungloved hands under the towel and into the area of the buttocks and groin of the athletes while narrating his actions to the person recording the videos. In one video, Nassar stated that some people use gloves for the procedure but it is not necessary. One of the PowerPoint presentations incorporated the opening scene of a TV series with a caption stating, “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before (in most of our young gymnasts—hopefully).” Other language on the flash drive that did not appear to be consistent with medical terminology included “Yippy Skippy,” “Tushy,” “PP Problem,” “Houtchie,” “Koutchie,” “Jiggly Butt,” and “WhoHaa” in reference to female anatomy; “Anatomy in More Detail ‘The No Fly Zone,’” along with a diagram depicting the female pelvic area; and “PP intervention.”

Every youth who has ever been busted by his/her parents for looking at saucy videos is probably wishing their parents were as tolerant as these FBI investigators.


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