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Sex and Culture

There is a very good article by Kirk Dunston about sexual morality and its impact on society. His comments are based on the book Sex and Culture by J.D. Unwin, first published in 1933.

Unwin’s book is not short. It is over 600 pages, including relevant notes and appendixes. I did speed through it, and Mr Dunston’s article and 26-page summary are well written and worth a read.

The Wedding at Cana
The Wedding at Cana, 14th-century icon

In short, Unwin studies 86 societies throughout history and attempts to find a correlation between their sexual conduct and their practices in other areas, e.g. how they view the world, their beliefs in deities, their treatment of the dead, architecture etc. His conclusion is that societies which were “rationalistic” and flourished at a high level have maintained minimal pre-nuptial and post-nuptial sexual opportunity—that is, pre-marital chastity and absolute monogamy—for at least three generations.

Conversely, societies which were much more liberal in their sexual practices, if they persisted, died out after three generations. (Unwin’s three generations is 100 years.)

It is interesting that Unwin published this book in 1933, prior to the so-called sexual revolution of the 1960s (and onwards) in the West. We are not 100 years from that point yet but, generally, one can see that it doesn’t look too good so far.

Setting aside the enormous volume of data presented by Unwin, his conclusion does conform to commonsense: if one is busy humping or thinking about humping, then one is not going to be doing much else.

On a related note, a clergyman once said, “A penis is designed for a vagina, particularly your wife’s.”


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