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Newsom: AB2098 “is about the environment, not medical fascism”

Newsom: AB2098 “is about the environment, not medical fascism”

Sacramento, CA – Governor Gavin Newsom has denied that his approval of AB2098 has anything to do with impeding free speech or ushering in medical fascism.

“This is about the environment, not medical fascism,” said Newsom. “This bill discourages doctors giving second opinions and stuff like that, which then reduces paperwork. It’s about saving the planet.”

When asked about a patient’s right to a second opinion, the governor assured that such a right still exists. “Of course people can get a second opinion, it’s just that doctors are discouraged from giving it. I mean, why contradict the first opinion?!”

Although some are concerned, others have praised the idea.

“I think it’s great, things are so much simpler this way,” said a resident of Los Angeles. “Doc said that I can get an abortion and then transition to male and that’s what I am going to do!”

“My doctor told me to get a sixth COVID shot,” said Mr Oldman from San Francisco. “Why get a second opinion? Doctors can’t possibly be wrong for such a minor issue.”

Meanwhile, the governor’s office has not commented on the state coroner’s claim that their department’s use of paper has increased dramatically in recent months.


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