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New Train Sim: Buttgouge Ohio Edition!

Buttgouge Ohio Edition

The developer of the popular train simulator series has released another title: Ohio Buttgouge Edition!

This is the perfect game for those who want to accidentally-on-purpose crash or derail freight trains pulling tons of highly toxic chemicals. Causes range from overheated brakes and wheels to sabotaged tracks, amongst a variety of causes.

The dynamic weather system has been upgraded to simulate atmospheric dispersion as well as soil absorption of toxic chemicals.

For those who like a bit of action in their simulators, people and animals may vomit blood and drop dead as the contamination spreads.

Meanwhile, the EPA will turn up and pretend to perform tests and cleanup. Some players have noted that the in-game press releases from the EPA and the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttgouge are “mostly nonsensical” as if a random generator was used for word selection. The developers have assured players that “that’s the point”.


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