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New Farming Sim: Dutch Protest Edition!

Farming Simulator: Dutch Protest Edition

From the developer that brought us the Farming Simulator franchise, the latest Dutch Protest Edition is a must for these times!

First, the harvest and supply chain has been revamped. Warehouses and processing plants will burn down for no reason at all.

Second, the weather patterns have been re-coded so “climate change” has never felt more real.

Last but not least, this latest farming simulator doesn’t actually involve much farming since the government intends to shut you down because the cows fart too much. Instead, you drive your tractor down the highways in protest. Like the Canadian Truck Simulator, there is the “convoy pace” feature so players can go as slow or as fast as they want. Laying siege to government buildings can also be sped up. Farming implements can be used for things not related to farming.

Since the game is set in the Netherlands, marijuana is the only thing you can farm.


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