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New Truck Sim: Convoy Protest Edition!

Canadian Truck Simulator: Convoy Protest Edition

From the developer that brought us Truck Simulator, there is now Canadian Truck Simulator: Convoy Protest Edition.

This is the perfect game for those who cannot attend the protest in real life! This edition features a single-player mode as well as a multi-player mode, so one can form a convoy with other players.

As before, points can be earned by making deliveries, especially maple syrup. But in Convoy Protest, points can also be earned by participating in the protest, sounding the horn, cheering well-wishers, flipping off opponents or running them off the road, using the air brakes in zones which forbid it, amongst other things.

The dynamic weather system has received an update, making the snow and hail look absolutely amazing. For those who cannot handle driving in realistic Canadian winter conditions, the driving aids help.

As for the protest, there will be periods of slow travelling. However, the option of “convoy pace” can be adjusted for impatient players. Speeding along highways at over 100 mph with ten thousand other trucks has never been more fun. It also makes ramming through roadblocks, checkpoints or even government buildings much easier. Developers have paid particular attention to updating the collision physics and destructible elements.

As the title suggests, and unlike the previous installments, only Canada is available. There are plans to expand the maps to the rest of North America.


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