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Shocker: Discrimination against Vaccinated at Vaxx Pride Parade

San Francisco, CA – The city held its first-ever Vaxx Pride Parade on Sunday. Tens of thousands turned out for the event with numerous flags and banners.

“I’m so happy I’ve been vaccinated,” said Karen, a local resident. “Now I can go out to cafés and events like these.”

Shocker: Discrimination against Vaccinated at Vaxx Pride Parade

“I’m so proud to be COVID vaccinated that I got myself two boosters!” said Kim.

Although the event did not specify which vaccine, some claimed to be unfairly discriminated against as they were prevented from joining the parade.

“No one said that the organizers would check vaccination status but I brought my entire vaccination record anyway,” said Jake.

However, when it was clear that Jake had not received any COVID vaccines, there were boos and jeers.

Jake was initially adamant about joining the pride parade. “I’ve had like 5 shots for Polio, 5 shots for Diphtheria, 7 for Tetanus, 4 for Whooping Cough, 5 for Hep B, 3 for Hep A and 2 for MMR,” he said. “I’m pretty sure I’ve been more vaccinated than most of the people who attended the parade.”

Other individuals made similar claims to Jake. All eventually went home at the increasing threat of violence.

“I decided to back off,” said Anne, “I mean, most of the people may have been vaccinated but judging by the rainbow banners, I think they were just flaming homosexuals.”


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