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New Bible Improves Readability

Grand Rapids, MI – The new Post-New International Version Bible (PNIV) will be more readable than any previous version.

Martina Cauvin, spokesperson for the International Bible Society (IBS), said, “We have always taken a lot of care in the layout and production. Over the years, we’ve had much positive feedback but there’s always room for improvement.”

The font will be larger and commentary at the bottom of each page is still available.

“We’ve kept the commentary and comprehensive index,” said Cauvin, “since people always liked the cheat notes. Before, the commentary was basic and mostly neutral but we have upped the modernist slant a bit.”

New Bible Improves Readability

Potentially controversial was the IBS’s consideration of the removal of the book of James. “We know James chapter 2 regarding ‘faith and works’ has always been problematic but we thought it would be too radical to remove the book entirely—even the seven deutero-canonical books weren’t removed overnight, so maybe next time.”

On a less controversial note, the PNIV will lack a feature found in previous versions. “We decided to omit all cross-referencing on the side of each page—I mean, many protestants like to selectively quote the one verse which suits them while ignoring all the others anyway. This will just make that easier for everyone and save us some ink and help the environment.”


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