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Prospective Employee Identifies as Vaccinated

Philadelphia, PA – When Georgina applied for a job at MeeWare Solutions, she was told that all employees had to be vaccinated with the COVID vaccines.

Georgina is unvaccinated in regards to COVID. Although having received the common vaccinations as a child and never suffered any problems, she is skeptical of the safety and effectiveness of the COVID vaccines.

“They didn’t put it in writing, of course,” said Georgina, “just said it during the interview. I told the HR lady that it is illegal for them to discriminate against my vaccination status… at least today anyway. They admitted that but insisted their preference.”

When Georgina had to fill in more forms as part of the process, there were many boxes available. “There were the usual, ‘male’ or ‘female’ or ‘other’, and so I chose to identify as ‘George the Vaccinated’.”


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