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My First Vaccine Adverse Event

My First Vaccine Adverse Event

East Aurora, NY – To celebrate the recent approval and recommendation of COVID vaccinations for children as young as five years old in various parts of the world, Pfisher-Price is releasing “My First Vaccine Adverse Event” next month.

The set comes with a high-quality plastic stretcher and medical scrubs.

However, unlike many medicine-orientated toy sets, this doesn’t come with much medical equipment since many doctors have ceased practicing real medicine for about two years now.

The only tools included are several faux syringes because one can’t possibly have enough booster jabs and a highly realistic defibrillator with ergonomic paddles.

One product tester praised the set: “Really impressed with the stretcher. I was skeptical about the crappy plastic but it actually supported the weight of my young daughter. It’s probably safer than the jab. Can’t wait for my children to play-resuscitate.”

Perhaps controversially, the set includes a clipboard that already has “COVID” written as the cause of death with no room for any other explanation as well as a cardboard coffin with the virus printed on the lid.

“We believe in educating our children, and that means not shying away from things,” said Alberto Bulla, CEO of Pfisher-Price, “except for mentioning that children generally do quite well against COVID and don’t need the jab which they didn’t even test properly.”

Another product tester, a mother of two, was not so impressed: “Education is one thing but this is just bad taste. Teenagers have died after taking the vaccine. What I want to see is a ‘My First Crimes-Against-Humanity Public Execution’!”


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