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My First Vaccine Passport

My First Vaccine Passport

Los Angeles, CA – From the beloved company that brought us “My First False Flag Government Building Storming” and “My First Fake Inauguration Day”, there is now “My First Vaccine Passport”.

The set consists of two items: one realistically sized faux smartphone and one slide image that acts as the phone’s display. (Other images are available to be purchased.) The default slide image is a QR code.

“So now, educating your child on the importance of having a vaccine passport is made easier,” said spokesperson Adriana Clerk. “You can encourage your child’s friends to buy one as well before you let them into your house. And as for those you or your child don’t like, you have a reason not to have anything to do with them if they don’t get one.”

One parent, a father of one, said, “I love it because my daughter can now stare at a faux screen instead of playing on the iPad or my phone all day!”

My First Vaccine Passport QR Code

Another parent, a mother of two, was a little puzzled. “I get that the image is meant to vaguely resemble a syringe but my younger one pointed out that it looks like the middle finger or a penis. Then he said, ‘F— this s—.’ The only time he ever swore at me was when I ordered a regular instead of large fries by mistake!”

Clerk added, “We’re very proud of this high-quality product but I would like to remind our users that it is a toy. We take no responsibility for the consequences of people trying to enter any premises or boarding a plane with this faux QR code.”


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