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My First False Flag Government Building Storming

My First False Flag Government Building Storming

Los Angeles, CA – Just over a year ago, Mattel released “gender-neutral” dolls in recognition of the LGBTQ and gender-fluid community.

Now, in 2021, in order to cash in on the latest social fad, they are releasing “My First False Flag Government Building Storming”.

The set comes with a high-quality plastic Capitol Building, six pieces of fire, and three pieces of barricades for the setting. The barricades can be connected and disconnected in order to let the rioters in.

As for the costume, there is one foam baton, one black t-shirt, one black face mask, and one pair of sunglasses to serve as the outfit of Antifa (or whichever preferred anarchist group). A larger lumberjack jacket designed to fit on top of the t-shirt completes the anarchist-badly-pretending-to-be-a-hillbilly-Trump-supporter costume. Two anarchist flags and a faux Nancy’s laptop complete the set.

“We are very excited to release our first ‘My First False Flag’ set,” said Adriana Clerk, spokesperson for Mattel. “We worked hard on our market testing, so we are confident that we have a fun, safe, socially relevant, moderately woke and educational product for kids and families.”

One product tester praised the set: “The Capitol Building is cool. Accurate representation and solid construction. Probably has more integrity than the real thing.”

Another tester, however, was more measured: “It’s not bad. I prefer more accessories, like a pair of black pants. Can’t storm a government building without black pants. And more laptops and a cop uniform. By the way, why is it made in China?”

When asked how many other sets are planned for the “My First False Flag” range, Clerk said, “We have ideas but we will wait and see how the sales go for this one. We could offer other government buildings or maybe a ‘Crazy Lone Gunman Massacre’ set.”

The RRP of “My First False Flag Government Building Storming” is US$299.99. Buyers who are able to provide proof of participation in the peaceful protests of Antifa or BLM or the like are eligible for a 5% discount at authorized dealers.

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