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Homeland Security: More “Conspiracy Theories” & Foreign Adversaries

Homeland Security: More “Conspiracy Theories” & Foreign Adversaries

Given the US’s current domestic problems, the increasingly apparent incompetence and corruption of the Biden administration (in case it wasn’t obvious in the first place), the threat of escalation in Ukraine, and the upcoming US mid-term elections, it’s hardly inconceivable that there may be some sort of false flag event.

Not surprisingly, Homeland Security released a bulletin on June 7 regarding “terrorism” threats. Also not a surprise is that it expires on November 30. If anything is to happen, I doubt we will have to wait until the end of November anyway.

The bulletin is the usual ambiguous drivel that says just about anything can happen, probably just trying to keep their options open.

There is the mention of “domestic violent extremist” and “conspiracy theory” because the latter is automatically untrue and bad.

Also, there is the “continued proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding current events could reinforce existing personal grievances or ideologies”. More specifically, the problems at the border and the SCOTUS decision regarding abortion are mentioned.

More pertinent to the global situation is the mention of “foreign adversaries”:

● Chinese, Iranian, Russian, and other foreign malign influence actors have sought to contribute to U.S. internal discord and weaken its focus and position internationally. … In recent months, Russia and other actors have also amplified conspiracy theories alleging U.S. responsibility for the Russia-Ukraine crisis and claiming U.S. support for bio-weapons labs abroad. Some of these actors have used these conspiracy theories to justify calls for violence against U.S. officials and institutions.
● As the U.S. 2022 mid-term elections approach, malign foreign actors could bolster their messaging to sow discord and influence U.S. audiences in keeping with practices during previous election cycles.

Setting aside that the current administration and whoever is pulling its strings is doing a good job contributing “to U.S. internal discord and weaken its focus and position internationally”, it’s obvious who they want to blame it on.


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