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More Anti-Russian Hysteria

From October 3 to October 5, many lamestream media outlets reported on the Russian submarine K-329 Belgorod was missing. This is a submarine that carries the Poseidon torpedo that can be nuclear-armed.

Consistent to the lamestream narrative in recent months, everything is Russia’s fault. In this particular instance, this is an obvious setup for some false flag—that is, the US or some other NATO member set off some nuke or dirty bomb and then blame it on this Russian submarine. Some commentators such as Hal Turner even claim that is practically the case.

It is interesting to note that the timing coincides with some Q drops; for example, 2349 and 4800. Time will tell what will happen.


Setting aside the Q drops, the narrative is just an obviously desperate attempt to set up a false flag. Seriously, it’s a military submarine. It’s designed to operate stealthily. It’s supposed to be “missing”.

Of course, a nuclear conflict is not unrealistic given the situation but such retarded attempts at propagating this kind of narrative betray what “they” are thinking.

By the way, credit to an article by H.I. Sutton at Naval News that provides a few photos of the submarine in late September. As a sidebar, this eliminates the Russian submarine as a means to sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines. Also, Monkey Werx tracked a US Boeing P-8 Poseidon, which is an anti-submarine warfare aircraft, flying around the area at the time of the pipeline explosions. This was the only aircraft in the area (or at least the only one appearing on flight-tracking platforms).


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