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I Wonder Who Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines…

By now, one can read some details regarding the explosions on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines so no point repeating here.

Keep in mind that Nord Stream 1 has two lines, so it is actually three pipelines that have been blown up or so that’s how it reads.

Lamestream media is, not surprisingly, blaming Russia.

Well, that is possible but how likely is that? Russia knows the western lamestream media will blame everything including their blocked toilets on Russia. In that sense, there is no point in Russia taking out the pipeline this way. It is much simpler to keep the assets intact and tell a monkey to shut off the valve.

By the way, gas pipes don’t blow up on their own, let alone multiple pipelines so accidents can be ruled out.

So who else would do it? Europe needs the gas… except the psychopaths who work on behalf of the deep state and cabal act like that is not the case. I think a poor attempt at a false flag is most likely, by the US and/or some NATO ally. After all, the so-called Biden administration had made a thinly veiled threat against Nord Stream 2 in March 2021 and the US is selling a lot of gas to Europe to compensate for their needs. With Nord Stream 1 and 2 down, the US can continue to profit to some extent.

(2016 Gazprom corporate brochure via CER)
(2016 Gazprom corporate brochure via CER)

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