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It’s Not Just Russian Oil…

If one can believe the report from Avia.Pro last week, tank production in Germany has stopped.

Apparently, the reason is the predictable lack of Russian titanium supplied to Germany. In January 2022, Germany and US, amongst others were still getting a supply from Russia.

One could go on about how Russia was silly to supply material to Germany that could be used to make weapons, and Germany was silly to be so dependent on Russia on such a crucial material.

The money from trade, insofar as they are numbers on the screen, is part of the intentionally and artificially complex debt-based financial system. That can be manipulated either way. Ultimately, it is the actual assets that matter and it seems it is Germany (and central and western Europe) that is in a bind.

According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), Russia in 2020 was the 4th largest titanium exporter in the world, having exported $471M of titanium. And Germany was the top recipient at $148M.

Russian titanium. (OEC)
Russian titanium. (OEC)

So yes, western Europe, keep blaming Russia for everything as if you are not screwed enough in terms of your gas supply. As for threatening Russia, what weapons are you going to use? Right, see how well that works out for you.

Bundeswehr Leopard II (Photo: Bundeswehr, J. Schmidt)
Bundeswehr Leopard II (Photo: Bundeswehr, J. Schmidt)

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