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Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement by Yves Dupont

This is a thin pocket-sized compilation of non-Scriptural prophecies related to the End Times, ranging from the 4th century to the 20th century. The main text is organized into five (5) chapters:

Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement by Yves Dupont

1. Prophecies and Commentaries: It includes 74 prophecies with the corresponding commentary below. All prophecies are numbered and the commentary is clearly labelled as such.

2. The Comet: This is in effect a short essay about the destructive effects of such bodies on Earth. It is a general discussion without citing specific non-Scriptural prophecies.

3. The End of the World: This is in effect a summary of the events or “signs” regarding the end of the world as can be discerned from Scriptural and non-Scriptural prophecies. Several references to the Gospel of Matthew are made but the author does not cite the prophecies. This is a short and simple summary, not an in-depth explanation, for those who don’t necessarily want to read the prophecies.

4. Nostradamus: Dupont admits that Nostradamus is “not regarded very highly” at least in part due to “shameless commercial exploitation” but the author does provide some background regarding Michel De Nostredame, asserting that he is an authentic seer before explaining some of his prophecies. Some of these prophecies refer to the “comet”. This chapter is very informative for those who are turned off to Nostradamus’s work due to the very reason Dupont mentioned; that is, to be blunt, there’s just too much crap out there. Given Dupont’s familiarity with Scriptural and non-Scriptural prophecies as well as his French heritage, his insights are worthy of consideration.

5. The Present State of the Church: It includes 13 prophecies with the corresponding commentary below, all related to the state of the Catholic Church in the post-Vatican II era.

There are many important points but one that is missed by many is that the prophecies collectively provide a highly generalized sequence of events of the end which is neither sudden nor even gradual, but rather one which occurs in stages: general apostasy, “short” war, God-sent chastisement, revival of the Church and “short” period of peace, general apostasy again, widescale preaching of the Gospel, war, Second Coming. (This is the reviewer’s listing and wording, not Dupont’s but that is the general picture.)

As already mentioned, Dupont does include his opinions and interpretations but they are clearly marked so the reader will not confuse the prophetical text with his commentary. All prophecies are numbered and there is a paragraph index as well as an alphabetical index, a chronological index and a bibliography.

The collection of prophecy is not large since it is a small book but it is nonetheless substantial. As for the commentary, the author is concise and gives a very good overview. As such, this is a good text to complement other texts about prophecies and/or to serve as a good starting point for studying prophecies.


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