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The Prophets and Our Times by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton

This is a collection of non-Scriptural prophecies related to the End Times. The main text is organized into three (3) parts:

The Prophets and Our Times by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton

Part 1: Has this Century been Foreseen? first introduces the book and gives a short discussion about non-Scriptural prophecies. This is followed by six (6) short chapters that discuss certain signs of the End Times such as the persecution of Christians, famine, pest and war.

Part 2: Topical Index to the Prophecies is, as the title indicates, an index organized by the key characteristics of the prophecies presented in Part 3; for example, any prophecy which mentions “war” will be listed under that heading. Of course, these categories and the inclusion of prophecies under these can be considered as implied commentary to the extent that they may be interpretations made by the author. It is not necessarily wrong but it is something the reader should be aware of.

Part 3: The Prophetic Texts is a collection of 201 prophecies. All are numbered for easy referencing. The prophecies are generally presented in chronological order and spans over 150 pages, approximately two-thirds of the book. There is generally no commentary or background provided.

This is a good sourcebook for those who are interested in a collection of non-Scriptural prophecies without commentary getting in the way. This is deliberate and the author sensibly presents the discussions at the start. The topical index in Part 2 is useful and there is an alphabetical index and a bibliography at the end.


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