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Homeland Insecurity re Conspiracy Theories & Mass-casualty Events

Homeland Insecurity released a bulletin on August 13 regarding threats to the US. It expires on November 11. Not surprisingly, it mentions “conspiracy theories” regarding the pandemic, amongst other things. Yeah, here we go again. Below are a few points.

Through the remainder of 2021, racially- or ethnically-motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists will remain a national threat priority for the United States. These extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of COVID-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks. Pandemic-related stressors have contributed to increased societal strains and tensions, driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year.

After starting off with the usual “racism” option, those who go against the official handling of the pandemic are conveniently also “extremists”. Of course, I am not encouraging violence and trashing the place—that’s not helpful—but this just reads like code for anyone who disagrees with the lamestream narrative.

The mention of a “mass-casualty” event is always interesting.

Historically, mass-casualty domestic violent extremist attacks linked to RMVEs have targeted houses of worship and crowded commercial facilities or gatherings. Some RMVEs advocate via online platforms for a race war and have stated that civil disorder provides opportunities to engage in violence in furtherance of ideological objectives. …

The “race war” as a motivator is almost irrelevant. It doesn’t take much imagination to anticipate a false flag event that is subsequently blamed on some “lone nut anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist Trump supporter” who doesn’t have a job but has $30,000 worth of firearms and ammo and a Ford F-650, and who has limited or no military experience but can shoot like John Wick etc. (By false flag, I mean that the event may be real or staged or partly staged but, in any case, with a convenient narrative.)

Well, any excuse will do if the establishment wants to exert more control. For some years, it was someone from the Middle East. It could still be some Afghan refugee given what’s going on. It could just as well be a Russian or a Chinese if they don’t want to use a local anti-vaxxer or a Trump supporter.

And, of course, there is the “conspiracy theory” alarm:

Law enforcement have expressed concerns that the broader sharing of false narratives and conspiracy theories will gain traction in mainstream environments, resulting in individuals or small groups embracing violent tactics to achieve their desired objectives. …

Oh yes, the sharing of conspiracy theories will result in violent tactics. How convenient.

But don’t worry…

● DHS will continue to identify and evaluate calls for violence, including online activity associated with the spread of disinformation, conspiracy theories, and false narratives, by known or suspected threat actors and provide updated information, as necessary.
● DHS is also advancing authoritative sources of information to debunk and, when possible, preempt false narratives and intentional disinformation, and providing educational materials to promote resilience to the risks associated with interacting with and spreading disinformation, conspiracy theories and false narratives.

It doesn’t explicitly state it, but they may as well declare a child having an independent thought and asking questions or reading something a “domestic terrorist”.


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