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Asian Interrupted by Karen Wanting “Karens Are Always Right Month”

The expansion and promotion in recent years of Pride Day to Pride Week and now Pride Month has left some people baffled as to why other groups have been left out.

“We have Black History Month,” said Catherine O’Brien, “which is fine as long as we don’t have to celebrate Obama and Big Mike’s stint in the White House or BLM. But what about ‘Irish Catholics Killed by English Protestant Pricks Month’? Why can’t we have that with plenty of potato dishes?”

Although not as strongly as Ms O’Brien, others share a similar sentiment.

“It doesn’t really bother me what other people celebrate,” said John Lee to Opinyuns, “but I would like to see ‘Asians with a Perfect Driving Record Month’ or ‘Asians Who Don’t Drive Rice Rockets Month’.”

Park Ji-eun, 15, added, “I really want to see ‘Asians Who Hate Plain Rice Month’ and maybe—”

At that point, some fat Karen interrupted the interview. “I think we should have ‘Karens Are Always Right Month’ every month!”


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